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The NGO World Children Campaign (WoCC) was created the Friday 10th of February 2017 at the end of the winter school week « Sanjia Roofop Remodelling » - held at Grenoble School of Architecture from 6 to 10th of February 2017.

Chinese and French founders joined to create the NGO WoCC with the ambiton to propose a new form of architectural pedagogy aimed to involve children, the designers of our future.WoCC is a 1901 law French association, a not-for-proft organizaton.WoCC organizes workshop weeks held in France and Europe, within the framework of Wiki Building School Project that aims to renew architectural, urban and landscape design through knowledge sharing and collaboratve working processes. Design/Build process, that brings together differents actors with the aim of building, is one of those collaboratve ways of thinking, it’s the WoCC’s one.

Meet The Team
Patrice Doat

Architect, ex-professor for sciences and techniques at the Grenoble École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture 
Co-founder of the CRAterre Lab at the Grenoble École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture 
Co-founder of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen architecture, construction cultures and sustainable development” 
Co-founder of the Grands Ateliers in Villefontaine 
Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres since 2009 
2014 recipient of the medal for research and techniques of the French Académie d’Architecture 
2016 Laureate of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture

Nathalie Sabatier
Magali Paris

Landscape architect, Associate Professor at the Grenoble School of Architecture where she teaches urban landscape and landscape ecology. She is a researcher at research team Cresson/AAU/ENSAG where she conducts research programs on ecological issues (urban agriculture, climate change, eco-network and biodiversity, densification…), dwelling, public spaces and citizens.

Walter Simone

Walter Simone is Assistant Professor at the Grenoble & Versailles Schools of Architecture where he teaches digital representation linked to architecture design. He is researcher at the start-up Urban Fabric Organization (UFO) he co-founded in 2010, UFO develops API immersive simulation tools to sketch a more collaborative way to design architecture and the city. 

Mu Wei
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